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by Igor Tkach

The goal is to clear the field. Shoot quadz from repositories around the field to form groups of 3 or more quadz of the same color which then disappear. Only quadz that are at the edge of a repository and have an obstacle (another quad) to hit can move into the field. Quadz continue to move in the same direction when their obstacle is removed in the order they entered the field.

You can undo one move. You can discard board state and start over (reset level).

Some levels have a level word. This means that some quadz carry letters of that word. Quadz with letters must be killed in a particular sequence to spell level word (displayed at the top right). If field is cleared before word is complete you fail.

Killing a group of 4 quadz adds one of the remaining letters to a quad off of the field, or, if the word is complete, turns it into a wildcard quad that can be used in place of any color.

Killing a group of 5 quadz adds a wildcard letter * to a quad off of the field. Once the word is complete, all remaining wildcard letters become wildcard quadz. Killing a group of 5 after word is complete (or if level has no word) adds a wildcard quad in a shooting position.

Killing more than one group of quadz with one shot turns a quad in a shooting position into a bomb. Killing 2 quad groups yields one bomb, 3 - two bombs, etc. Bomb is a special quad that kills everything around (including rocks) when it stops at an obstacle. Using a bomb results in penalty, 1 point per quad killed.

Bombs may appear in initial level layout. They detonate if hit by another quad.

Rock is a special quad that may only appear on the field in initial level layout. Rocks can only be removed with a bomb. It is not necessary to remove rocks to clear the field. Rocks remaining on the field when it is cleared of all other quadz earn extra points.

Color changer is a special field cell. Any reqular quad that moves through a color changer cell changes it's color to a random different one. This doesn't affect bombs and wildcards.

Redirectors are special field cells. Any quad that moves through a redirector changes it's direction to one indicated by the cell.

Teleports are pairs of special field cells that transport quads from one cell to another. There are two kinds - in-teleports and out-teleports. Quadz can enter in-teleports and then emerge from an out-teleport. Tap teleport cell to see which other teleport cells it is connected with. Several in-teleports may be connected to one out-teleport. A cell may be both in and out teleport at the same time.

All unused bombs and wildcards earn extra bonus points when field is cleared.

Good luck!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Backspace Undo move
Shift+r Reset level
n Next level
p Previous level
l Open level selector
Left Previous levels page
Right Next levels page
Esc Close help or level selector
h, ? Help


Quadz has been created by Igor Tkach. Write to for any questions or to report a problem. This program uses the following libraries:

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